Russia Invades Ukraine Pt.6

As the Invasion of Ukraine continues, it only seems to be getting worse.

Russia Invades Ukraine Pt.6

Zachary Heinis, Staff Writer

Two months ago the Ukraine Invasion started because Putin was saying there was “Nazism” in Ukraine.  Troops came from all sides of the country to try and take it for Russia.  Today, Ukraine is still fighting back against the encroachment of Russian forces.  Now, however, President Putin is starting to express interest in attempting to invade Moldova as well because there are reports of “terrorism”.  As Putin has not been able to take Ukraine, it seems as though he is getting desperate to show progress in expanding Russia.

Many nations across the world have accused Putin and the government of Russia of committing war crimes through their actions in Ukraine.  As one of the supporters of this, President Biden has sent proposals for new legislation to further punish Russia.  So far Putin has threatened the West to not get involved.  This is another good step in shutting down Russia’s economy, but the question remains, will this indirect involvement in the war cause Putin to lash out and attack the West?

As this invasion progresses, more nations are contributing to the war efforts in Ukraine.  One of these countries is Germany, who is now ensuring Ukraine that they will send them military technology to help combat Russia.

As this continues, it doesn’t seem to be getting better.  Is there an end anywhere in sight?  The support of Ukraine however is a good sign of solidarity against the war crimes committed by Russia.