Slingin it Overseas


Dominic Mazzulla, Staff Writer

The Holy Family Quaterback you all know and love, Chris Helbig, is furthering his football career and taking his unbelievable talent to Germany. This spring, Chris will be playing professional football for the Potsdam Royals, who play in the GFL (German Football League). The league plays a ten game schedule all throughout the summer and finishes August 27th. Then playoffs start, and finishes October 5/6th.  Many former NFL players have played in this league, most notably Moritz Wilhelm Böhringer, a tight end who was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2016.

Chris’s career here at Holy Family was way beyond illustrious, as he threw for a total of 6,634 passing yards, 72 touchdowns, averaged 331.7 yards per game and averaged a 128.9 QB rating each season.

In his junior and senior season, he lead Holy Family to a 16-6 record and two 3A CHSAA playoff appearances.

Chris had multiple 1st team All-Conference honors and was also a 1st team All-State QB in 2014, alongside Ryan Youngreen.

Chris has had a great college career as well, playing for CU, Southern Utah, and Butler Community College in Kansas. One legendary thing Chris did during his college days was beating Last Chance U’s host team, the Independence Pirates, while playing for Butler.

Last season, Potsdam went a healthy 8-4, and advanced to the second round of the playoffs, after losing 28-14 to the Schwabisch Unicorns 28-18.

Chris has already made his trip to Europe, and is soon to practice with the team, as their first game takes place in a little over a month.

There is no doubt that Chris will continue to shine in his pro days, his first pro game kicks off May 21st at 8:30 .