Senior Wills

Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

The seniors are moving on to new chapters in life. Before we head out, we would like to leave a some special things to our friends here at Holy Family.

Ben Achziger

  • Rudi Heitz the lucky ball marker for golf

Grayson Arnold

  • Chase McNaughton and Connor Byrne the undefeated “Fast Mon” track baton

Jacob Barry

  • Graham the tradition of the flow bros forever
  • Matthew the XL speedflex, trust me you’ll need it

Riley Bertagnolli

  • Sophie Bertagnolli- soccer jersey number 14

Evie Boyd

  • Katherine Ryan XC girl’s Mary Medal, passed down to xc ladies since late 1900’s
  • Parker Nelson part of the HFXC break down
  • Olivia Bertagnolli and Summer Norwell Bright Blair Baton

Karson Brockway

  • Allie Ward my volleyball jersey #7

Nicole Chavers

  • Connor Henkel the track tiktok

Dominic Cincetti Gallegos

  • Matthew Denfeld: I will the courage to be yourself, despite what everyone else says, thinks, or does
  • Sage McGill: I will to you the ability to celebrate your achievements no matter great or small
  • Samantha Bennett: I will to you the ability to stand up for what you believe in, with the bravery, courage, and strength to truly express what you believe

Jared Delgado

  • Jordan Nunez football number #4
  • Catcher Gladysh baseball number #4

Brooke Durland

  • I’m leaving my RBF to Matilda Warner

Sidney Edmonds

  • Maggie Garrett girl’s lacrosse jersey #3
  • Sarah Vail girl’s lacrosse Insta

Abby Edwards

  • Izzy Arroyo: Softball #5
  • Hannah Juenke: Softball practice and bus ride DJ

Aradely Flores

  • Clare Hulquest, I am willing my poms to her.

Madison Forss

  • Emily Powell my #2 volleyball varsity jersey

Claire Galmish

  • Anne Galmish you get my car for two years- then I need it back!

Garret Havens

  • Abel Robles #10 for boys soccer

Ruth Havey

  • ElliJo Musgrove- I will her to become the Mother of speech and Debate
  • Anabella Descalzo- I will her to become the Father of speech and debate
  • Josephine Havey- I will her to become the oldest Havey daughter at Holy Family

Anna Hodell

  • Jessica Eldridge the FBGM Cinnamon Roll

John Hulquest

  • Matthew Sakkharis- #75 Football Jersey
  • Chance Chvatal- Offensive line Pregame food and ritual

Pierce Kunz

  • Conor Byrne and Chase McNaughton the “Fast Mon” baton
  • Connor Henkel football jersey #14

Ava Kuszak

  • Katelyn Morris the “321 whoosh” and “(loud af ladies) Tigers you know”

Vicente Lopez

  • Jace Gunderson #2 football

Nicolas Luce

  • Matthew Denfield I give you pure and total control over all the theater endeavors
  • To my son Nathan I will you the best grades possible in the next 3 years
  • To Sam Disberger I will you my parking spot

Johnny Morris

  • Brissa Campos: funding for band
  • Alex Woods: more funding for band
  • Christopher Brady: even more funding for band

Hailey Murrow

  • Jenna Murrow Carol the Corolla

Brennan Musgrove

  • Jack Cowden my parking spot
  • ElliJo Musgrove my letter jacket
  • Sergio Marquez the Ant Man suit

Blake Neece

  • Jace Gunderson my football jersey #9

Dominic Neely

  • Conor Byrne and Chase McNaughton our 4×100 baton

Saffana Ottoborgo-Sharpless

  • Abriana Ottoborgo-Sharpless my lunch money

Kaitlin Owens

  • Delaney Watson my volleyball jersey #3

Mia Paulson

  • Matilda Warner and Madeline Van Orman: the cheer squad
  • Kolton Paulson: the weight of being the favorite child in the house

Nora Smith

  • I literally don’t own anything other than uniforms and books, which I’m just gonna sell

Patrick Staff

  • Ben Harste- willing him as Leyton 2.0

Jake Vigil

  • Jack Cowden and Erin White my perfect pitch (yes Jack, I’m choosing to share), show choir leadership, and the kindness you show others
  • ElliJo Musgrove, Sergio Marquez, and Sam Bennett Crazy 8 group chats and snacks during theatre rehearsal
  • The Choir kids showcasing your musical abilities (hope some of you try out and make all state too!!)

Mary Vu

  • Saman Thiara my Baby Yoda plush