Morbius, More like Horbius


Dominic Neely, Staff Writer

Whenever news of a new Marvel movie hits the internet, the world goes crazy. A teaser trailer of the “Dr. Strange Multiverse of Madness” movie dropped, and people are going crazy for it. The countdown has begun. The hype was even more real for a certain Marvel movie that flew under the radar for awhile.

When you think of Jared Leto, the first thing that comes to mind is that ‘interesting’ performance Leto performed as the Joker in The Suicide Squad. The world took this crazy tatted up Joker and kicked him to the curb. The world just couldn’t accept another Joker after Heath Leger’s legendary performance as clown prince of crime in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Night.” Jared Leto doesn’t just have misses though, he’s a successful artist and is in a band with his brother. He also is praised for roles such as his role in “Dallas Buyers Club.”

When Leto was given the green light to be the main man in a new Marvel movie, people were skeptical. Then word came in about the new movie being Morbius, a movie about a doctor with a rare fatal blood condition. He hopes to develop a cure to save other people from this horrible disease. Doctor Morbius gives himself a type of blood virus, and while he saves himself from the disease, gives himself something much worse. Doctor Morbius becomes a type of Vampire. This movie slowly began toreceive the hype, with the hope that it could tie into further Marvel movies such as Spiderman, or maybe even Venom. Many Easter eggs were seen in Morbius, pointing to a living Spiderman in the universe and even more. Days before the movies release, the world was excited for the release of this new type of Marvel movie.

Dr. Morbius alongside a poster of Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman

The movie hit like a bomb. Critics were hard on the movie, stating it had some of the worse CGI in a Marvel movie they had ever seen. Other critics stated it just felt too rushed, and that the story was rushed to get a point across. However, despite all the criticism, Morbius has been dominating the box office. So don’t let me or any critic decide on whether or not you like this movie. Go see it for yourself!