Butter Believe These Cookies are Good!!


Madison Forss, Staff Writer

This week’s pink Crumbl box was filled with four delicious cookies. There have been some questionable boxes this year but this was one of their top ones, with each cookie having a great flavor and a fun presentation.

Number one this week is their Waffle cookie. This cookie looked exactly like a mini waffle with the attention to griddle marks and buttercream frosting that looked like a scoop of butter. After pouring the syrup they provide, this sweet cookie tasted just like a delicious waffle, earning itself the #1 spot this week.

The second-place cookie, New York Cheesecake, could’ve easily gotten first place with its delicious buttery graham cracker cookie, vanilla cheesecake frosting, and graham cracker crust topping. However, when Crumbl’s Waffle cookie is also in the box, there’s no chance another cookie would pass it in ranking. Nonetheless, this cookie was tasty and a fan favorite.

The third was Crumbl’s Berries & Cream. With the combo of strawberries and blueberries in the cookie with the topping of a cool whipped cream and blueberry jam, this cookie was fruity and yummy. It looked nice and tasted even better. With it being served chilled, the cookie was refreshing and perfect for spring. I don’t normally like the mixture of sweets with fruit but this was a cookie I enjoyed!

Last in this week’s box was Crumbl’s warm Dark Dream. This cookie was only placed last by default, unfortunate that it was placed in a box of so many other great cookies. This cookie stood out the most in this box, with a chocolate cookie with lots of chocolate chips, it was very different than the other three cookies. If you’re a chocolate lover, this might be your favorite cookie.

Overall, if you haven’t taken your weekly trip to Crumbl yet, I advise you to go tonight, you won’t be disappointed with a single cookie. And more importantly, stay tuned for next week’s Crumbl review!!