Russia Invades Ukraine Pt. 5

Russia Invades Ukraine Pt. 5

Zachary Heinis, Staff Writer

Each day the war in Ukraine rages, more civilians die.  Throughout this invasion, Putin’s Russian army has committed borderline war crimes and they continue to add cities to their growing list of destruction.  The most recent account of these deaths comes from Mariupol, which is on the southeastern side of Ukraine.  The partial occupation of the city by Russians has led to the city being left in rubble and destruction.  While there have been accounts of 5,000-10,000 civilians dead, the Mariupol City Council accused Russians of using a “mobile crematorium” to cover their tracks.  If this is the case, Russia would be committing more war crimes than have already been alleged.

On a much more peaceful note, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a show of solidarity by meeting with President Zelenskyy in Ukraine capital city of Kyiv over the weekend.  In this public meeting, Johnson promised more war-time resources to Ukraine.  This will surely help Ukrainians in the weeks to come against the Russian army.  However, the question must still be asked, will this clear sign of assistance lead to an even worse conflict with Russia?

After the incredible victory of Ukraine pushing against Russia in Kyiv, a major change has been taken in the Kremlin.  Alexander Dvornikov is a Russian-born military leader who is infamous for his atrocities in “Syria and other theaters of war”.  He also happens to be the newly reported General of the Russian army.  This is an outward sign from President Putin to the rest of the world, that he does not plan on retreating from the Invasion of Ukraine anytime soon.  This choice also reveals that Putin will take whatever means necessary to get a win in Ukraine.

This Invasion continues to have positives and negatives, but it seems to still be far from over.