Wordle, Globle and Heardle


Taeshawn Means, Staff Writer

Recently, Wordle has taken the, well, world by storm. Wordle is a word game that allows you to try to guess the word of the day with six tries. The game lets you know whether the characters you’ve entered are wrong entirely (by highlighting them in gray), right entirely (green), or right but in the wrong place (yellow). Daily words range from very easy words to very difficult ones. For example and easy word like weary and a very hard word like natal.

The game, which started as a tiny project meant for developer Josh Wardle’s friends and family, now boasts approximately 2 million players.

How do you play?

Start by typing in a five-letter word (we’ve got some tips just below on how to choose your first word). If any of the letters in the word you typed in show up as green, they’re in the word of the day and in that same exact position. For example, if you type in “Walks” and the word of the day is “Sable,” the letter A would light up as green. If a word were to pop up as yellow, that means that letter is in the word but not in the right place.

A big part of the game’s popularity came from how people were sharing their results on social media.

Many games have “copied” Wordle in their own way. For example, the online game called Globle, is a game where you have to guess the country.

Your goal is to guess the mystery country using the fewest number of guesses. Each incorrect guess will appear on the globe with a color indicating how close it is to the Mystery Country. The hotter the color, the closer you are to the answer. A new Mystery Country will be available every day.

Are you awful at guessing words AND countries but you’re amazing at hearing songs? Try Heardle! This is a game for those who are good at guessing song titles and artists. With Heardle, players can guess the song with six attempts to find the answer, each snippet becoming longer when the song isn’t correctly answered.

For those who can’t figure out the song, Heardle provides a skip button as an option. However, the objective is to guess the song correctly in as few tries as possible so users can share how much of a music fan they are.