Servant of the People: The Next Simpsons?

A review of President Zelenskyy’s hit Ukrainian TV show


Morgan Salter, Staff Writer/Editor

In “Servant of the People,” created and produced by Volodmyr Zelenskyy, it tells a story of a high school history teacher Vasily Petrovych Goloborodko who finds himself to be the President of Ukraine after making a rant with many profanities talking about government corruption goes viral when one of his students record and upload it onto social media. It ran from 2015-2019 and it consists of 3 seasons. Funny enough just like the Simpsons, it predicts comedian Volodmyr Zelenskyy into becoming the President of Ukraine which he did in 2019, running on the same platform he did in the show and weirdly enough ran under the Servant of the People political party which used to be named the Party of Decisive Change but was renamed after this TV show.

Vasily being informed he is president

This show is a a political satire filled with comedy so if you are someone who likes shows such as “House of Cards,” “The West Wing,” “Veep,” etc.. this show is right for you. Now, the comedy in this TV series is European therefore, it is a drier type comedy and if you love comedies from the UK the jokes made will be amazing but even if you aren’t a fan of this type of comedy, the quick witted script will be to die for.

The acting is really good as well, comedian and now President, Volodmyr Zelenskyy, interacting with members of his family, government, and ex wife truly bring laughter but also can be serious at times. The switch between the two are phenomenal and truly highlights the struggle of balancing work, family, and social life. His struggle and story in trying to rid the government of corruption, getting people he can trust, and working with other politicians bring light hearted humor and even at time downright hilarious stereotypes about politicians.

But it is not only Zelenskyy who gives an amazing performance but the supporting actors and actresses as well. Galina Bezruk, Anna Koshmal, Stanislav Boklan, and many more talented performers give great performances. The chemistry the cast has together is truly shown in the way they interact with each other on screen. In making it so that these characters are brought to life and seem like real everyday Ukrainians and their problems.

Vasily sitting with trusted people in his cabinet

There’s  only two problems I can see why you don’t want to watch it. One you don’t like political shows, if so why have you read my article this far? And two, since we are American viewers in watching this show that was made in Ukraine, the show is only in Ukrainian or Russian. If you want to watch it in English or another language you will have to rely on captions. But if you are like me and usually watch shows and movies with captions because you are a loud human being then I see that there is no problem here.

Therefore, I really do recommend this show it is a great show to add and shake things up a bit with the normal shows. And hey when is the last time you have watched a show from Ukraine?!