Rain Rain Go Away

Dominic Neely, Staff Writer

The end of March is here, and you can’t argue that Spring is officially here! Like usual, it’s in plain Colorado fashion that each day is truly different from the one before it. Last Saturday, the temperatures got up to 70 degrees, and the next day dipped down to 30 and were pelted with rain. The end of this week will see numbers going up to the 60s, until Friday of course when it goes back down to 40 and rainy.

Nobody truly knows what to expect, and with spring sports right around the corner, this erratic weather has teams scrambling throughout the season. The throwers state how hard it is when they have to throw in the snow and rain, and possibly slip in their throwing rings. Lacrosse can’t practice in snow, or they’ll lose their balls. Everyone’s in this together, and we just need to pray that the nice weather comes around the corner, and we can get back to the weather spring teams were able to enjoy last year. Sunshine, and good vibes!