Crumbl Review


Luke Busot, Staff Writer/Editor

Week 22 of our Crumbl review brought us some new flavors this week, such as Honeycomb, Coconut White Chip, Peanut Butter Brownie, and Cookies and Cream Milkshake. While these flavors might have sounded delicious, they just were not on point this week.

The worst flavor this week is Coconut White Chip. In my opinion, there were multiple problems with this cookie. To start, this cookie barely tasted like coconut at all, and if I wasn’t told it was coconut, I never would have thought it was. On top of that, the texture of the coconut was just not pleasant. So with all of this, I would give this cookie a 5/10.

The next flavor up in third is Honeycomb. I don’t know what flavor I expected from this cookie, but I was kind of surprised when I tasted it. It had a taste similar to a honey graham cracker, and the frosting didn’t bring much to the table. The cookie didn’t taste bad, it just wasn’t a very good flavor, so I give this cookie a 6/10.

Coming up in second place is Cookies and Cream Milkshake. This flavor sounded like it would be the best of the week, but that didn’t end up happening. This flavor was very good, but it didn’t taste like an Oreo milkshake. The Oreo flavor also wasn’t very strong, but it still did have that cookies and cream flavor, so I give this cookie a 7.5/10.

And finally, the best flavor of the week is Peanut Butter Brownie. This cookie was by far the best of the week without competition. The chocolate and peanut butter paired extremely well together and there was even peanut butter in the center of the cookie. The cookie was a little rich, but the flavor made up for it, so I give this cookie a 9/10.