Russia Invades Ukraine Pt. 4

Russia Invades Ukraine Pt. 4

Zachary Heinis, Staff Writer

While Russo-Ukraine peace talks had been set earlier in the week, it seems as though there have been no developments in peace between the two countries.  As these talks fail, Russia gets closer to “splitting Ukraine into Western and Eastern blocs,” Ukraine intelligence official says.  If this information is true, and Russia does in fact aim to split up Ukraine, it will be the first time in a while that this has happened to a country of Ukraine’s size.

UN countries continue to attempt to break from using Russia’s natural gas supply.  Today, Poland announced that they plan on ending all Russian oil imports as of the end of the year.  The whole EU is planning to cut all dependence on Russian oil and natural gas by 2030.  Not only would this be a big step in the UN and EU as a whole in working to become independent from Russia, but could also lead to society as a whole becoming less dependent on natural gas energy, and more dependent on renewable energy.

As Russia continues to push into Ukraine, they get closer to Chernobyl, which could lead to nuclear fallout.  Although Chernobyl is a partially abandoned city because of the 1986 nuclear disaster, the nuclear facility is still being operated.  These operations have led Ukraine to ask UN for direct help with demilitarizing Russian troops to prevent another nuclear disaster that would have significantly negative effects on Ukrainians, and Ukraine’s economy.

As the Ukraine invasion continues, the worldwide economy continues to change.  While this invasion could lead to significantly negative effects for Ukraine and the world, it could also lead to a global economy where the world is less dependent on natural gases.