Mile High Stadium Ablaze


Luke Busot, Staff Writer/Editor

As some of you may know, Empower Field at Mile High Stadium has been receiving some renovations and there has been construction going on. But today, the renovations took a turn for the worst when the third and fourth levels of the stadium caught on fire in a construction zone. According to Denver Fire Department, “Flames burned Thursday in a construction zone on the third level at Empower Field at Mile High stadium in Denver.”

The fire occurred in a construction zone near the East Club Lounge on the fourth level and spread to the third level. There was a group of people at the stadium taking a tour when the fire broke out, but thankfully, everyone was evacuated from that area of the stadium and no one was injured. Empower Field at Mile High Stadium tweeted, “A small fire that occurred in a construction zone near the East Club Lounge at Empower Field at Mile High has been contained by @Denver_Fire. That area of the stadium was quickly evacuated as a precaution and there were no injuries sustained.”

On a brighter note, the area burned in the fire is reported to only be around 1,000 square feet, which isn’t as big as it sounds. Picture a 5 car garage and that is about how big the damage is. While it might seem like a big area, compared to the stadium the damage is quite minimal.

The Denver Fire Department is not sure about what exactly caused the fire, but they do know it was due to the construction going on at the time. Thankfully, the sprinkler systems in the suite level went off when the fire started, and fire fighters just had to come and finish extinguishing the fire.

The smoke from the fire was also very prevalent in the Denver sky due to the chemicals in the plastic seats. According to ESPN, “Smoke from the burning seats was seen throughout downtown.”

This fire could have been much worse and it was lucky that it occurred where it did, or Mile High Stadium could’ve looked very different.