Crumbl Time!

Bringing back on Oldie, but a Goodie


Karson Brockway, Staff Writer

Time for another Crumbl review. This week’s flavors were some of my favorites in a while. From the Peanut Butter ft. Snickers to the Iced Oatmeal, the Triple Chocolate Chip to the Key Lime Pie, there was a lot of variety and delicious flavor in this week’s collection.

Coming in strong in the first place is the Iced Oatmeal cookie. I have always been a sucker for Oatmeal cookies, but this one, sweet and spiced smothered with a yummy vanilla cream cheese glaze, really takes the cake (no pun intended), delicious.

In second place is the Key Lime Pie. I have to admit, I was a little worried about this cookie. I’m not a huge Key Lime Pie fan, and so I didn’t think this cookie would satisfy my taste buds. Thankfully, it did. It includes all the flavors of a cool key lime pie including graham cracker crust, a dollop of whipped cream, and a fresh lime, a very refreshing and almost healthy tasting cookie.

Third place this week goes to the Triple Chocolate Chip. I have no issue with this cookie. It was just your classic dark chocolate cookie, boring but sufficient, no different than any other chocolate cookie. Chocolate chips galore! This chocolate cookie is packed with semi-sweet chunks, creamy white chips, and thick milk chocolate chips.

And… last place goes to the Peanut Butter ft. Snickers. A blast of flavors including peanut butter, caramel buttercream, milk chocolate, and tasty Snickers┬« candy pieces. I really just hate peanut butter, so I really have no opinion on this cookie, I didn’t even try it, but I’m sure it was subpar.