We’ve Got New Spirit

New Face, New Position


Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

Luanne Bartoletta has been announced as the new spirit director for Holy Family. Currently the Guided Studies teacher, Bartoletta will take on this new role for next year’s season, and she cannot wait to get started.

The job is not only new for Bartoletta, but also for the program as a whole. With the poms team starting up next year, after their success as a club this year, the programs will both be overseen by Bartoletta. Each team will have their own coach, and she will work closely with both the coaches and the girls on each squad. “College has a spirit umbrella with both cheer and poms. We’re trying to align it with collegiate spirit… we’re trying to enhance game day for the many sports we have here for the experience for the fans and the girls themselves who are performing.”

Bartoletta has plenty of cheer and pom experience herself. Growing up a figure skater, Bartoletta decided to join her high school dancing team her sophomore year. After that great experience, she gravitated more towards cheer, being on the squad her junior and senior year, hoping to cheer at the college level. Her dream came true at the University of Miami, where she got to travel all over the country, and won three national championships.

Winning was definitely a goal each year, but “what was really cool was being in the weight room and being able to train with all the other players… when they graduated, many of them went on to become famous in the NFL… it was nice to be able to watch the game and identify with the friends I made in Miami.” Bartoletta even got to cheer at Japan one year, meeting the All Star players from all over the country and cheering with Penn State, UNC, and Nebraska.

Both the cheer and poms teams will be unified under Bartoletta’s goals for the school. “Even though they are two different entities, we have the same purpose: to cheer on and support Holy Family High School.” She also has big plans for the teams themselves, with the dream of becoming competitive teams for nationals in Orlando. “If I can’t get it done this year, I really want to see it happen in the future.”

Both teams are eager to start their seasons with these new changes for the spirit team, and are lucky to have Bartoletta in charge! We cannot wait to see what she has in store for the teams, and I personally cannot wait to see the future state titles!