Moving Heavy Circles


Blake Neece benching some heavy weight.

Dominic Mazzulla

Ahhh maxing out, a time for loud music, screaming, chalk, and PR slaps.

In case you are new to the school, max week is by far the most hyped up, anticipated week of the school year, especially for athletes and gym rats, as it gives them a chance to see how much weight they can move.

The three main lifts that Holy Family maxes out on is Bench Press, Squat, and Hang Clean. All of which test your body in different ways.


Holy Family has some pretty big Bench Pressers, with junior Terrin Howard and Blake Neece all benching close to or over three hundred pounds!

Dom Neely also threw up 235.

Other impressive numbers on bench include Pierce Kunz and Max Pougnet benching 255, with  bodyweights of 165 and 170.

Our Holy Family girls can move some weight too, Senior Abby Edwards moved through 140, and Senior Ava Kuszack pushed 135 well too. Ava Brunner also placed on the top of the senior class leaderboard, moving through 130 on bench.


Quite possibly the hardest lift to move the most weight on. The Hang Clean is an ultimate test of strength, technique, and explosiveness, and usually takes years to master.

This however doesn’t seem to be the case for Freshman Abby Moore, who just recently SET THE-ALL TIME SCHOOL RECORD for Hang Clean at 195lbs. This makes her the very first freshman to ever break an all time record. The sky is truly the limit for Abby, as she still has three and a half years to refine and add more weight to her clean. It is safe to say her record will be up for a long time at Holy Family.

Abby isn’t the only one to get on the all-time board either, Senior Ava Kuszack also cleaned 185lbs to put her in at 2nd place all-time.

Our last top three girls cleaner is also on the leaderboard, Abby Edwards, with 180lbs.

For boys, Seniors Blake Neece, Anthony Arroyo, and Dominic Mazzulla all cleaned well over two hundred pounds, Blake cleaning 265, Anthony with 245, and Dom at 225.

Clean is so unique because it doesn’t only measure strength, it measures the person’s explosiveness too. The whole point of clean is to move as much weight as fast as possible while maintaining control. While this lift is extremely hard to perfect, preforming it with heavy weight makes it one of the most fun lifts in the weight room.


The dreaded squat, nobody wants to do it, but you almost have to do it if you want to be strong in other lifts. The squat is the ultimate test of lower body strength, as it hits every muscle in your legs. Squatting is often sometimes more mental than physical, squat tires the body out fast, and when you have a lot of weight on that bar, sometimes it becomes overwhelming.

Dom Mazzulla rethinking his life choices

However, these Tigers overcame that mental block and got under the bar and moved the weight.

For girls, Ava Kuszack punched through 265 making her top of the class for senior girls, behind her was Genavieve Evans, with 245, and coming in third for the senior class was Kaley Anderson, squatting 215! Abby Edwards is second on the all time leaderboard for squat, moving through 345.

The Tiger boys also pushed through some brolic weight, with Dominic Mazzulla smashing 505 and taking third place on the all time leaderboard, knocking off Willy Clements, Blake Neece hitting 435, ad Max Pougnet and Jacob Lawver both pushing 415 with ease.

Total and Pound for Pound

Total and Pound for Pound are simple, total is all of the weight in all of your lifts added up, and pound for pound is your total divided by your body weight. Having anywhere above a 4.00 pound for pound is considered good. And these Tigers well exceeded this by a lot.

Total Boys:

Dominic Mazzulla 1,010

Blake Neece 1000

Max Pougnet 855

Total Girls:

Abby Moore 575

Morgan Anderson 535

Ava Brunner 470

Boys PFP:

Griffin Eastman 5.4

Leyton Bamesberger 5.1

Ryaln Cooney 5.06

Girls PFP:

Abby Moore 4.19

Ava Kuszack 4

Mallory Jimenez 4