Russia Invades Ukraine Pt. 2

Over the last week, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has continued non-stop.

Russia Invades Ukraine Pt. 2

Zachary Heinis, Staff Writer

Throughout this entire invasion, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has remained in his country to increase country morale and to show how much he loves his country.  For those that don’t know, President Zelenskyy used to be a comedian, and even did a comedy series as a teacher who becomes President.  Now, he not only is the President of Ukraine, but is arguably one of the best Presidents in modern history.

Each day, he risks his life by staying in Ukraine.  In a war-like situation, the President of the United States would either be protected in the Presidential bunker, or leave the country.  Not only is President Zelenskyy staying in Ukraine, but he even revealed his location in Kyiv.

United States President Joe Biden alongside the UN have decided to make a joint effort in deciding to prevent Russia from having a flowing source of income.  Both the U.S. and UN have decided to find other places to get gas from.  However, making this a reality will be harder than it seems, as oil costs more almost everywhere else.  Another option for oil, would even be to get oil from in-country, opposed to importing it.

Cutting of Russian oil imports may also have other negative effects.  After Russian President Vladimir Putin heard about this, he responded by threatening to shut down German gas lines.  Using the entire country of Germany as a hostage is a bold move, but may also have wider worse effects on this already horrible situation.

Late last week, Russia almost caused an even worse situation.  They started dropping an air-strike near a Ukrainian power plant.  Not only is this the biggest nuclear power plant in Ukraine, but it is also the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe.  While dropping bombs on any power plant would cause nuclear fallout, this would have been much worse, possibly causing NATO to declare war on Russia.

On a much brighter note, Russian Prisoners of War are being offered to return to Russia.  On one condition.  Their moms have to go to where they are being held and take them back home.  With help from technology, this is the first time something like this has happened in any war.  These Russian soldiers are very young, maybe 18 or 19, and are only in the war because of the Russian conscription laws.  Most of these soldiers don’t even want to be in Ukraine, and are ignorant to why they are in Ukraine, which is the only reason they can be picked up by their mothers.

As the Invasion continues, Ukraine is showing their grit.  What was thought to have been a quick win for Russia has quickly turned into a monumental defensive win for Ukraine, as of now.

Stay tuned.