Tiger Teachers Try a Hand at Volleyball

Chinwe Onwere

This Wednesday at 7 pm, some of Holy Family’s teachers will go head and head with faculty from Legacy and Broomfield High School for the volleyball face-off of a lifetime.

The Holy Family teacher team includes Father Joe, Mr. Yeazell, Mr. Everett Mr. Good, Mr. Cordell, and Coach Everett. With Father Joe Grady being one of the heads of the team, perhaps the power of prayer will help pull this team through.

“I did a three-year stint as a volleyball player for the Nativity Knights,” said Father Joe regarding his previous experience.

Aside from Father Joe’s wonderful volleyball skills and expertise, some other members are still excited to play even if they haven’t touched a volleyball since their high school days. Psychology teacher (and former Washington D.C. intern for Housing and Urban Development under the leadership of Ben Carson) Mr. Everett remarked on his readiness for the game tomorrow.

“I wake up every morning ready to compete – I live for competition.  I am also excited to be able to compete with my colleagues and beat Broomfield and Legacy,” Everett remarked.

Growing up with a beach thirty minutes away from his doorstep, Everett has “dabbled” in volleyball here and there. However, whether his old expertise translates on the court tomorrow is another story (particularly his overhand serve).

“Some of us may or may not have touched a volleyball in a few years, so the first couple of volleys might be rough.  But I think when we find our groove, we’ll end up bringing some hardware and – more importantly – bragging rights back to Holy Family.”

Holy Family’s proceeds from the game will go in helping Catholic Relief Services in Ukraine.

When asked if Holy Family would bring back a win, Father Joe is confident in the team’s ability.

“Is that even a question? HF with the W. Clearly.”

Let’s hope that the teachers bring home a Tiger Win!