Dominic Neely, Staff Writer

Our very own Morgan Salter was the commentator for the tigers

If there’s one thing any good Holy Family student knows, it’s that we are CLEARLY the best school in the city of Broomfield. Not the Broomfield Eagles, not the Legacy Lightning, but the Holy Family Tigers. We show it time and time again, beating them in wrestling, basketball, track and field and even softball. And on a fateful Wednesday night, the teachers of Holy Family decided to take on the teachers of the lightning and the eagles.

The way the tournament worked was it was a 3-team shuffle between each school. The first game was Legacy vs. Broomfield, then Holy Family vs. Legacy, and finally Broomfield vs. Holy Family. Then the two winners of each game would play each other in the championship. The tigers started off strong on the sidelines, watching the eagles beat the lightning. The tigers then took on the lighting, with the chance to shut them out of the championship game. However, the tigers came up a little short losing to Legacy. They couldn’t sit on their loss for too long though, as they took on the eagles next. Broomfield was clearly better than Legacy, so the tigers really had to come together to pull out a win. They fought hard, but fell to the eagles and were knocked out of the tournament.

One of the tigers players, Mr. Richard Everett, had this to say about the matches.

What do you have to say about the game?

Mr. Greenmyer counseling Mr. Everett while he was benched

“We all played well, I think coaching could have been a little more exact in assisting us on the court. I’m not putting blame on the coaches it was our fault, however it would of been nice to have some assistance. As a captain I bare responsibility for the loss. I had fun, and I think I played well.” – Richard Everett

One of the coaches for the tigers, Anna Hodell, had some criticism to say for Mr. Everett.

“I disagree with some of Mr. Everett’s statements, as he was going up with one hand to hit the ball.”

Either way, the tigers came together for a good cause to play in this match, and will have a lot of time to practice and prepare for the next game in a year.