More Crumbl!!!


A new week of Crumbl flavors means another Crumbl review! Every flavor this week was tasty, making it hard to rank them.

However, the top cookie this week was their Birthday Cake ft. OREO. The Oreo cookie base with birthday cake cream cheese frosting and rainbow sprinkles was not only appealing to the eyes but appealing to the taste buds too. It wasn’t too sweet but still had a lot of flavor, making it this week’s best cookie.

Although this one could’ve been this week’s top cookie as well, their Blueberry Muffin is in second place. It was a really soft cookie with blueberry and “muffin streusel”. It was simple but still delicious. It may not have been the best cookie in the box to look at, it was still very tasty.

The next best flavor this week was Snickerdoodle. It was a simple cookie but still tasted very good. The cinnamon and sugar on the soft cookie created a delicious taste too.

In last place was their Hazelnut Sea Salt, it wasn’t my personal favorite. It had a soft cookie base but the scoop of chocolate hazelnut on top not only looked mediocre but tasted mediocre. Nutella is a delicious thing but their version of it for this cookie this week wasn’t good, solidifying the last place.

Overall, this week’s box was delicious, some looking and tasting better than others. Stay tuned for next week’s review!!