Disco Time?

Was the music actually danceable?


Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

This past weekend was our Winter Formal dance, long awaited after the push back for an entire month. Everyone got all dressed up, a new addition to the Sadie’s concept that was a big hit. The new DJ, however, is a bit of a different story.

The music was mainly just remixes and half songs. Even the most popular ones that everyone usually sings along to were cut short and were unusually mixed. Singing along was nearly impossible, since the words were not with the usual beat, and most songs ended after the first chorus.

It felt like half of the music was in the transitions. Yes, transitions are usually tough and a little weird. However, the worst part about this dance’s transitions was that they happened way before they should have. Right when everyone got used to the remixed-beat, the song stopped in a swarm of even more remixes to get to the next song.

If you went to the dance stag, you were probably not too bummed about the lack of slow dances. All of the couples out there, however, felt like they missed out on the chances to really dance with their partner. “I would’ve enjoyed at least two. The one was kind of depressing, especially since if you missed it, there was no warning,” senior Abby Edwards comments on the solo opportunity to slow dance.

The most popular hit of the night was the Cha Cha Slide. Everyone loves a good line dance, and started to really get into it since it was the first song that was given to us as it was expected – in the original length, beat, and time. The Cupid Shuffle started to play, but sadly, it was only a part of a song transition, so it was not danced to. Yes, these songs are extremely cheesy. But at a high school dance, some cheese can be expected, and is even wanted!

The biggest parts of any school dance are the dresses, decorations, and dancing. Even though the dancing was a little dry this go-around, the event itself was still worth having a good time and showing up for! Getting dressed up with your friends, taking pictures, having good food, and going out is always fun, even if you did not hear the songs you were expecting.