Movie Review: Marry Me


Ansley Schnelle, Staff Writer/Editor

Nothing says Valentines Day like chocolates, cards, and of course romantic comedies. Premiering on February 11 of this year, Marry Me became available in theaters and on Peacock just in time for the holiday. If you’re in the mood for a cheesy yet entertaining movie that might give you a hint of secondhand embarrassment, grab your popcorn.

Marry Me follows the story of fictional characters Kat Valdez (played by Jennifer Lopez) and Charlie Gilbert (played by Owen Wilson). Kat is a pop-star who is about to marry her fiancé Bastian (played by Maluma) when they perform together at their concert. Moments before stepping out on stage, she finds out that the “love of her life” has been cheating on her. Shocked, angry, and confused, Kat is a complete wreck. With the world watching, she steps out on stage but instead of marrying her fiancé , she ends up getting married minutes later to Charlie – a complete stranger she found in the audience.

Charlie and Kat have completely different lifestyles, but it is interesting to watch their journey as they try to make sense of their anything-but-ordinary situation and sudden marriage. As far fetched and unlikely that the plot may be, there is some truth to many ideas presented in the movie. Sometimes being at the right place at the right time can send one’s life in directions they would have never even dreamed of. Love can be found in the most unpredictable ways, but sometimes those are the best stories.