Russia invades Ukraine


Zachary Heinis, Staff Writer

Russia started invading Ukraine on Thursday, February 24th. While this conflict has been growing, the coming of the situation is still unreal.

The Russians started by bombing Ukraine.  These air strikes consisted of bombing critical infrastructure, such as military facilities, and airports.

Ukrainians woke up on Thursday to find their country being bombed by Russia.  While many tried to flee the country before the invasion got worse, others took shelter in basements and bomb shelters to protect them from the looming air raid.

After the initial air strikes, Russian troops began landing in Ukraine from Crimea and Belarus.  Their end goal in all of this, take Khiv, the capital of Ukraine.

While the Russians initially thought this invasion would be easy, they quickly realized that it would be harder than they thought.  Not only have Ukrainians been beating the Russians, but they have also been inspiring Ukrainian patriotism across the world.  Citizens are taking a stand in Russia as well as across the world to show their support for Ukraine and to show their disappointment in Russia.

On a much larger scale, Russia has been banned from SWIFT which has inspired a bigger decline in their economy.  With all of their eggs in one basket in this invasion, Russian stock markets have dropped drastically, which have also caused the Russian economy to be at an all-time low.

As of now, this has been a Cold War, without the United States openly attacking Russia.  However, the U.S. has been sending many resources to help Ukrainians defend their country.

The biggest issue currently, is whether or not Belarus will join Russia in attacking Ukraine.  President Zelenskyy of Ukraine and President Lukashenko of Belarus are set to talk about the upcoming alliance.  If Belarus were to join Russia, Ukraine would be even more outgunned and outmanned, and may even end up in assistance from NATO countries to Ukraine.

With Russian President Putin putting his country in nuclear alert against Ukraine, tensions have risen drastically.  The question remains, what will happen next in this invasion, but most importantly, will Vladimir Putin resort to a nuclear assault on Ukraine?