Cornbread in a Cookie?


Karson Brockway, Staff Writer

Another week, and it’s time for your weekly Crumbl review. This week’s flavors were somewhat of a disappointment, from the simple Cornbread to the rich German Chocolate Cake this week’s flavors were certainly vast, but hardly enjoyable.

As for the ranking, coming in at first place was the Cornbread cookie. A sweet cornbread cookie covered with honey butter glaze, topped with a dollop of honey buttercream frosting and a drizzle of honey. Contrary to popular belief, I found this cookie to be very enjoyable. A little bland? Maybe. Too simple? Probably. But the favorable was a perfect combo of sweet and salty, making for an entirely satisfying cookie.

Coming in strong at second place was the German Chocolate Cake cookie. A chocolate cookie with a layer of melted milk chocolate and finished with a coconut-pecan topping. Typically, I’m not a huge fan of chocolate cookies myself, but this cookie was one of the better chocolate cookies that Crumbl has created. From its beautiful presentation to the sweet rich flavor, I was more than content with this cookie.

And third place goes too, drum roll please… the Blue Monster ft. Chips Ahoy, that a bit of a mouthful, sounds kind of intimidating I must say. This one was a brown sugar cookie with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips rolled in Chunky CHIPS AHOY! Cookie Pieces, swirled with blue vanilla frosting, and topped with a mini CHIPS AHOY! Cookie. It was decent, nothing special, kind of boring. I have no problem with this cookie, it was just perfectly satisfactory.

Finally, last place goes to the Peanut Butter ft. Reese’s Piece’s cookie. A simple peanut butter cookie. I will always put peanut butter cookies in the last place. Never been a peanut butter fan, never will be. It was far too sweet and the peanut butter flavor was far too much.

Well, that’s all the cookies for this week. Until next week…