Dashing All the Way

Got to make money somehow


Dominic Neely, Staff Writer

In a world where it seems like items such as a Chipotle Burrito are getting more and more expensive, the work force is becoming younger and younger.

Everywhere you look, companies are begging anyone to apply for a job. Places such as Five Guys are bumping up their pay, hoping to entice those looking for a job. Companies such as Taco Bell, have been closing their doors early due to a lack of workers. Fast food joints have started shutting down their dining rooms, and only working out of their drive through. This struggle for employees isn’t just a food services issue, but is being seen everywhere.

The Paul Derda Rec Center and BCC in Broomfield, have been struggling to find lifeguards to work on their busy schedule.

Part of the issue for kids trying to work is their busy schedules. Most kids have sports and practices after school, and now heading into the spring season, are busier than ever with AP exams and finals on the horizon. And most kids don’t want to have to give up their weekends to work, or miss out on school activities such basketball games.

The climate of COVID has led to a boom in the delivery business. When people were stuck at home, but craving some Buffalo Wild Wings, you could rely on the no contact delivery to bring you your food. It was a saving grace not just for those receiving the food, but for the restaurant and dashers as well.

One of the beauties of door dash is the fact that you are truly your own boss. To sign up and become a dasher, you just need to send Door Dash your Social Security number and your drivers license. After a quick background check, Door Dash will send you a pack of their items. This would include an insulated door dash food bag, a mask, and some hand sanitizer. You start off completing some dashes, and door dash would send you their “red card” making you an official part of the team.

As you become more and more experienced as a dasher, you learn the little secrets of the app. When you get paid as a dasher, you get a small base pay plus a tip. The tip can increase based on the location you are picking up from, the distance of the delivery, and just how generous the customers want to be in their tipping.

An average dash can payout about $5-$7 and if you are lucky enough to dash during “promotion hours”, you can get anywhere from$1 to $3 for each dash. Dashing in certain areas and during certain times can also increase the payout.

To many, it may be seen as more of a “side-gig” than a job, however, it’s becoming a side-gig that’s taking over the world. And putting money back into the pockets of people who need it the most.