Madison Forss, Staff Writer

This week’s CRUMBL was nothing shy of disappointing. Not only did these cookies not look very appealing but they also didn’t taste good. There was no underlying similarity between the cookies besides their flavors being, for lack of better words, mid.

This week’s best flavor was their Vanilla Sugar, which says a lot because even the frosting’s color was boring. The vanilla sugar cookie base and the vanilla buttercream on top wouldn’t normally place first, however, with this week’s box, it did. The flavor was still very tasty and it was served chilled added to it. However, in my opinion, I prefer their usual pink sugar cookie, because even with a semi-boring cookie, the frosting is still fun. Regardless, their Vanilla Sugar was the best cookie in this week’s box.

Second place for this week’s box is their S’mores. It was hard to figure out what cookie deserved second place because they were all on the same level of bad. However, this one was a little bit better than the rest. With their regular chocolate chip cookie with just a small scoop of melted marshmallow creme, there was nothing special about this cookie. It wasn’t not-tasty, but was it their best twist on Smore’s? No.

Next is CRUMBL’s Buckeye Brownie, a chocolate brownie cookie with a peanut butter layer with melted chocolate on top. It was not only not appealing- a scoop of brown peanut butter covered with a scoop of hard chocolate on top- but it was also just too sweet. I am a chocolate fanatic and when it comes to CRUMBL, their chocolate cookies are always my favorite. But this one, this one was not my favorite by any means. There was a lot going on but also nothing at all, I believe it deserves its 3rd place.

In last place is the Hazelnut Churro. CRUMBL’s churro cookie is normally their most delicious one. However, with this hazelnut twist, it was their least delicious cookie. It was boring to look at and not fun to eat at all. The cinnamon cookie with hazelnut spread sounds heavenly, but it was quite the opposite. I didn’t enjoy it nor did anyone else.

If you’re looking for a sub-parr box of cookies, you may want to buy this week’s CRUMBL, but if you want to save your money for a better box, wait until next week!