Valentine Time

Buy Your Valentine’s Day Grams at Lunch from the 7th to the 11th


Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

It’s here! The month of love. Valentine’s Day is cheesy, yes, and some make the argument it is too commercialized, but there is nothing wrong with celebrating a holiday and just having fun with it!

To celebrate all the relationships you have, Holy Family is selling Valentine’s Day Grams that you can send to the special people in your life. Valentine’s Day is not just limited to significant others… buy some grams for your friends too to remind them that they are loved!

During all lunches from February 7th to the 11th the grams are available for purchase. You can either buy one for one dollar or four for three dollars. Little personal notes can be added and are encouraged. They will be handed out to everyone who received one on February 14th, the holiday itself.

Senior Kenzie Dana comments on the idea of the grams: “I think that the Valentines Grams are a really cute idea and allow people to simply and cheaply express affection to important people in their lives.”

With the corny hearts, cupids, and the color pink everywhere, Valentine’s Day is as fun as you make it. Yes, you can think it’s stupid, but then you won’t have any fun on the 14th. There’s no harm in eating some chocolate, watching chick flicks, and enjoying the day with some people you love. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!