Butter Believe It


Reese James Peterson, Staff Writer

Yet another installment of our weekly review of Crumbl flavors. This is our 16th installment of our weekly Crumbl reviews. The flavor line up this week is; Banana Cream Pie, Chocolate ft. OREO, Ultimate Peanut Butter and Ruby Chocolate Chip. Now for the ranking…

  1. Ultimate Peanut Butter– Now this is one of the best Peanut Butter flavor cookies our group of tasters has ever had. This cookie had a strong peanut butter flavor while not being overly sweet.
  2. Banana Cream Pie– We all had high hopes for this one however this cookie left us wanting more. The cookie was greatly missing the banana flavor you come to expect form banana cream pie. If this cookie would have had a more distinct flavor this would have been one of the best cookies ever tasted by the Crumbl crew.
  3. Chocolate ft. OREO– Now this cookie had a great OREO flavor. Now this was too much to sweet for our tastes. If the flavor would have been more subtle this cookie would have been phenomenal but left much to be desire.
  4. Ruby Chocolate Chip– Yet again this cookie came in last. This cookie is trying too hard it overly sweet and has flavors trying to compete over each other which does not leave a good taste in your mouth.

Come back next week to see what flavors Crumbl has in store and see how they compare against these four cookies.