Another week… Another Crumbl Review


Karson Brockway, Staff Writer

Another week… another Crumbl cookie review. This week’s flavors were certainly above par. From the fruity, Rasberry Lemonade, to the bitter, Chocolate Cake, there’s a flavor for everyone this week.

As for the ranking, coming in strong at first place is the Rasberry Lemonade Cookie. This cookie is not only sweet but also sour. What with the creamy, sensational frosting to the perfectly cooked lemon cookie base, this cookie easily steals the first place spot this week. My only complaint is that this cookie is definitely a little overwhelming, sour lemonade, sweet raspberry, and cookie batter make for a lot of flavors in one bite.

Second place goes to the Cinnamon Fry Bread. There was a lot of confusion behind this cookie. What is Fry Bread? Is it some medieval food or a dessert from the south, who knows? Senior, Madison Forss even exclaimed, “FRY BREAD? WHAT IS FRY BREAD?” Either way, the Cinnamon Fry Bread was extremely tasty. A butter fry bread-style cookie topped with melted butter and cinnamon honey buttercream, it strongly reminded me of a pancake, especially with the melted butter on top.

Coming in at third is the Oatmeal ft. Rolo cookie. This cookie is a milk chocolate chip oatmeal cookie topped with chopped ROLO’s and drizzled with extra caramel. Can you think of a better combination, oatmeal and ROLO’s? I know I can’t. In fact, I nearly put this cookie in second place; however, the sweetness of the cookie was a lot, slightly overwhelming. I probably couldn’t finish this whole cookie without some help from a friend, or a sour drink to go alongside.

And in last place, the only cookie I didn’t really like this week, the Chocolate Cake. Delicious in short quantities, the rich chocolate flavor, and the powerful chocolate chips make the cookie relatively unenjoyable. If you like bitter, dark chocolate, this cookie is for you. Though it is beautiful in presentation, the chocolate cake cookie is far from beautiful in its taste.