Buying Online Dresses Can Be a Risk


Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

Shopping for dresses is one of the most exciting things that comes with dances and with Winter Formal getting moved into February it gives us girls more time to look for a dress. Many girls like myself will wait till the last minute to go look for one and are out of luck and can’t find one in stores so we go to the next best option and shop for the dress online.

It’s a hit and miss with online shopping no matter what you buy but when you shop for clothes especially it can either be your best purchase or your worst. Everyone always says, “It just depends what website you order from” but this isn’t always the case because people have different opinions on the type of material, how it fits, the color, etc… All of these things are why you need to look at reviews because the people that give them are going to give their honest opinion and help you figure out the size you need, the quality and material of the dress, and if you should get the dress. A lot of girls when shopping for dresses or just in general sometimes don’t look at the reviews to figure these things out, and most of the time just look at the picture of the dress on the model and thinks it’s cute and buys it and sometimes it works out for them but they shouldn’t get in the habit of doing this because the dresses that are online can be completely different than the dress you get. By that I mean that the dress will look cute on the model in the picture by the way it fits to the color than it does on you because we all have different body figures, this is because the people marketing it may edit the picture to make sure it looks good on model and the color is appealing so you buy it.

Recently on Tik Tok I saw this one video of this teenage girl opening up her package from the clothing website called “Lulus” and her package said that it would be there in two weeks but it was longer than that and she waited around two months. When she finally got her package she was excited to open it because she really liked the dress she got but as soon as she opened it she saw that it was a totally different dress than she ordered. The dress was not only a different color but it was also a different style, this situation made her upset so she decided to email the company and ask for them to ship her the right dress because the one she got wasn’t the one she ordered and surprisingly they did. This isn’t always the case because the company with either say they can’t or just won’t answer at all but fortunate for her they did.

Buying the dress and waiting for it to be shipped out is a totally different risk you take because especially nowadays a lot of people are ordering online because of Covid-19 and since people are it can cause shipments to come late or mixup in purchases. When you buy something they always give you a day it’s going to be shipped and a day it’s going to arrive and sometimes your package comes when it says it is but sometimes like the girl on Tik Tok it takes way longer than that. When ordering online you shouldn’t wait till the last minute, like a week before your occasion because if something goes wrong with your package you can have enough time to either reorder your dress, look for another one in stores, or maybe even order another one. With Winter Formal approaching, don’t wait till the last minute to look for a dress especially if you order online because it may not always be the dress you thought it was.