January Pet of the Month: Hazel Merrion


Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

Hazel Merrion, belonging to Julia Merrion, has won January’s Pet of the Month, special snow edition!

Q: What is the name and breed of your dog?

Hazel, Golden Doodle

Q: Does your dog like playing in the snow or the sun better?

Hazel LOVES the snow! We can barely bring her inside once it’s snows cause she loves to put her face down in it and just run!

Q: What makes your dog loveable?

Hazel is the cuddliest pup out there! She thinks she’s a lap dog even though she’s 70lbs.

Q: What are the best characteristics about your dog?

Hazel is super silly and she does a lot of dumb stuff like running into doors on accident or tripping up the stairs.

Q: Do you have other pets? If so, why did you submit this special one?

I have another dog, a bird, 2 Guinea pigs, but I chose Hazel cause she’s the only one who  goes out in the snow.

Hazel is definitely adorable!! Keep your eye out for future chances to win Pet of the Month for your furry friends!