Caramel Popcorn Is A Cookie?


Abby Edwards, Staff Writer/Editor

One new flavor this week might have to be marked at the most disappointing new flavor yet. Caramel popcorn, you might love it, you might hate it, but one thing is for sure, it does not belong on a cookie. Many may disagree, but this week next to the other three flavors which include; funfetti, peanut butter featuring Reese’s and Rocky Road.

The other three flavors might not have been the toughest contenders out there, but it was a fairly easy job placing the loser at the bottom.

Coming in at the bottom, if you cannot already tell, it is the Caramel Popcorn. The mixture of thick and smooth caramel was not only confusing for your taste buds, but as well as too sweet for the majority of the population. To top it all off and make the cookie even worse, they put ACTUAL caramel popcorn on the top of the cookie. Not only was the crunch not satisfying, but the addition of a hint of salt did not add anything to the cookie.


Coming in second to last this week, only due to the baseness and un-originality of its flavor, is funfetti. Funfetti is falling on the bottom half of the list because of its basic sugar cookie flavor base, and just the addition of sprinkles. Though it was still moist and good flavor, it lacked the it-factor that most people look for in a Crumbl Cookie.

Peanut butter ft. Reese’s

Falling at a short, but still very very close to the top of the list, sitting at number two is peanut butter featuring Reese’s. This cookie was pretty spectacular if you ask any of the Lamppost staff. With the smooth peanut butter flavor, and a hint of chocolate crunch it was extremely hard to not put this cookie at the top of the list. Note, if you love peanut butter, but sometimes their peanut butter is just a little overbearing, this is the cookie for you.

Rocky Road Cookie

Finally, at the number one spot of the Crumbl cookie review for the week of January 16th to January 23rd, is Rocky Road. You might love the icecream, you might love the idea, but this cookie was almost perfect. With a dark chocolate layer, pieces of chopped almonds, chocolate chips, and a dollop of marshmallow cream on top, there is not many things that there are to dislike about this cookie. This is the prefect chocolate cookie with a hint of extra sweetness and a little bit of crunch that are set within the entire cookie.

This week had triumphs, and some setbacks within some tainted hopefuls. Anyway Crumbl will be back next week with even more exciting flavors and a whole different opinion!