How Much you Bench, Bro?


If you are an athlete, chances are that you have been in the weight room and lifted some sort of weight. Some of us hate it, some of us cannot get enough of it. One of those people is senior Dalton Lane, who is a lacrosse player for the Tigers. Dalton also participates in powerlifting, and has recently set multiple state records for his bodyweight.

Weighing in at (blank), Dalton accumulated a 853 total, with a 303 pound squat, 165 pound bench, and 385 pound deadlift.

At his powerlifting meet, Dalton was scored with three lights, a white light for a complete (good) lift, and a red light for a failed lift. Out of the 36 lights Dalton received, he only missed one lift. What makes his powerlifting meet even more special is Dalton was unable to train in the weeks leading up to the event due to Covid-19.

When asked how he started, Dalton responded with “I found it fun and was good at it, it kept me close to my goals all the time…After I graduate, I plan on competing in college.”