Senior Retreat: Recap


Reese James Peterson, Staff Writer

Retreat for the Class of 2022 was a process two years in the making. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the traditional Kairos retreat for the 2022 class was not held in the traditional manner.

While a form of Kairos was held for the senior class to a weekend in fall, this relegated the experience of Kairos greatly. This is not to say that the Kairos experience was not memorable, but shortening Kairos to a half day experience greatly diminished the standing with the seniors.

The senior retreat was able to reconcile this lost time. Forty-eight hours spent together as the last major event for all seniors until graduation was just what the Class of ’22 was missing.

Listening to the talks from Mr. Duncan, Mr. Greenmyer, and the great Mr. Steve Blair, the senior class was able to learn from some teachers about their faith struggle and their determination to the faith life.

Mr. Blair’s talk defiantly was the one that resonated the most, since it applies to every single Holy Family student. Anyone can relate to wearing at least one of the “masks” at one time of their lives.

The Class of 2022 also heard from three alumni Michael White, Bailey Jones and Mariana Medearis. Those three spoke about their personal spiritual life, especially how it applies in college.

All in all the 2022 senior retreat was a great success. The senior class was able to get away and experience “kairos” in there own  personal way. It was a great experience that each person there will remember for the rest of their life.