New Year, Same CRUMBL Review


Madison Forss, Staff Writer

Crumbl greeted the new year with 4 delicious new flavors this week!

Coming in first was their Chocolate Cake ft. HEATH. This tasty chocolate cookie was topped with a delicious whipped cream frosting and sprinkles of HEATH bar toffee bits. Whether you’re a HEATH bar fan or not, this cookie did not disappoint. The light frosting and yummy cookie tied it all together, earning it the #1 spot in this week’s rankings.

In second place is Crumbl’s Peanut Butter Bar. Crumbl has come out with many different orientations of a peanut butter cookie in 2021 and did not disappoint with their one for 2022! With a good and moist peanut butter cookie on the bottom and a yummy chocolate layer of frosting on top, this cookie has good chocolate to peanut butter ratio. It may be a simple-looking cookie but your taste buds won’t think it’s so simple!

The third-place this week is the Honey Bun cookie. The taste matches the cookie’s presentation, with very little excitement in the cookie’s looks and flavors. Although it’s still a sweet, nicely made cookie, the lack of flavor doesn’t get this cookie a higher ranking. The flavor of this cookie didn’t compensate for the boring look of this one, making it one of this week’s weaker flavors.

In last place, we have Crumbl’sOriginal featuring M&M’s Candies. Crumbl’s presented this cookie to us before and it never ranked high. With no excitement to it, this cookie deserves last place. Although it’s still tasty, the addition of M&M’s doesn’t hide the fact it’s just a simple, boring, chocolate chip cookie. A cookie like this isn’t much competition for other cookies that embody better flavors and ideas. Overall, this one was too plain and boring to place any higher than last.

With the start of a new year, you can be sure to expect many more cookie reviews on the delicious Crumbl cookies! Stay tuned for next week’s, and in the meantime, treat yourself to a box of this week’s cookies!