It’s Crunch Time!


Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

All year we have been learning new units. All year we have been cramming for our tests. But now, it’s time for the big guns. Because this week is finals week. Crunch time.

Trust me. I am VERY good at melting into a puddle of stress, especially when it comes to finals. However, there are ways for people to limit their melting.

Waiting until the night before any test is never a good idea, which I know you’ve heard before. However, this procrastination is what many of us fall back on anyway. Normally, it is not the end of the world, as our brain technically can cram a test’s information in that time. But what about a test on an entire semester? What about THREE entire semester tests? Then, it gets tricky to stick with the “only-study-the-night-before” method.

There’s a lot of information for our already pretty worn out brains to take in for all eight classes. So, I am here to help! If you already have a sure-way to get an A, by all means, continue your methods. I don’t wanna cramp your style now. But, for those of you out there who struggle to study, I’m here for you.

Here are the best tips on how to best study for your tests:

1. Spread it out. Work on those reviews at least three days before. Then, the extra two days before the test you can use to go back and really study everything you forgot. If you do the review the night before, however, there is no time to go back and really focus on the earlier or just more difficult content.

2. Chew gum. If you chew gum while you study a subject, and then chew the same gum while actually taking the test, your brain can connect the information you studied to the similar taste and stimulation of the gum. Plus, good breath is always a bonus.

3. Color-code. When studying separate units, either go back through your notes and highlight in different colors, or rewrite your notes with different colored pens. Then, when you try to think back on the unit’s notes mid-final, you can picture them easier if you remember which color you wrote them in.

4. Set a schedule. This tip does not just apply to finals studying, but can be a good habit for getting homework done on time as well. For example, if you set a schedule to study math from 5:00-5:30, English from 5:30-6:00, a break from 6:00-6:15, math again from 6:15-7:00, etc., then you will push yourself to really work hard during the allotted time for each subject.

5. Make sure to add the break in. Knowing that eventually, if you work hard enough, you will have a time to just sit back and relax will persuade you to not be distracted until then. Plus, relaxing our brain and letting ourselves breathe is a key aspect to studying (as long as it’s not overused).

6. Motivate yourself. Finally done with that study guide? Have a snickers. (After all, you’re not you, let alone your best studying-self, when you’re hungry.) Just studied religion for 45 minutes? Make a cup of hot chocolate. Motivating yourself with little breaks, food, and drinks is the best way to actually be productive.

7. JUST DO YOUR BEST. If you really study all that you can, that’s all that you can do! After all of the hard work you have put in this semester, and all the work you put in this week, you will do your best on that test. Put in the work, take a deep breath, say a Hail Mary, and everything will all be okay.

Tips to Survive Finals WeekGood luck on your finals Tigers! Grades do not mean everything, but instead measure yourself by your work ethic. This week, do your best, work your hardest, take a deep breath, and it will all work out!