All About Guided Studies

All About Guided Studies

Maggie Dooley, Staff Writer

We have all heard about guided studies, and some may even be a part of guided studies, but how many know what guided studies really is and why we have it? The Holy Family High School websites states, “Guided Studies is a course designed to help students become more effective learners so they can meet the rigorous academic demand of our college preparatory curriculum.”

Guided studies helps students build a variety of academic skills in order to help them succeed here and further on in many aspects of life. Some of the most important skills our teachers in guided studies help students with are time management, organization, study skills, test-taking skills, note taking, memory skills, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. All of these are skills necessary to succeed in college or in whatever path you decide to take.

Although these skills are essential for everyone, guided studies isn’t. Mr. Grable stated, “We look at several factors when determining who has the greatest need to be placed in guided studies. Guided studies helps by providing the students with individualized support based on the student’s needs. We have individual conferences each class and students have the ability to work on individual target goals.”

In guided studies you will be taught how to build on these learning strategies with Mrs. Bartoletta and Mr. Grable. Both Bartoletta and Grable are the guides studies coordinators who have each individual student’s needs in mind. Grable has been apart of this course for three years while Bartoletta has been here for five years. They both have the students best intentions in mind and will work to help them succeed.

They can both be found around the school always smiling and chatting with students they teach and students they don’t.

“Guided studies is a course to support students in their academic classes and help them to become more effective learners.”