Finals Advice Column

Finals Advice Column

Zachary Heinis, Staff Writer

What are the best ways to study for Finals?

Junior Maria Cornelius said, “I create a schedule for myself with when the finals are and I study for the earlier ones first, and then the later ones.”

Junior Adrian Ruth said, “I don’t.”

Junior Ava Silverstein said, “I look over old tests and write down the reviews we do in class”.

Senior Sessina Abraha said, “I create quizlets and look over them”.

Senior Gage Eastman said, “I read my notes and look over tests, homework, and quizzes”.


Senior Kate Villalobos said,”I make quizlets and do study guides”.

Personally, I have found that the key to Finals is tempering my studying.  If I over-study, I don’t retain as much of the knowledge, and taking breaks from studying and coming back to it helps me to retain it better.

Overall, there are many ways to study, and you can get advice and ideas from Juniors and Seniors to help to study better.  Ultimately however, the best way to study for Finals will be different for everyone, so try different techniques and see what works for you.

Just think, less than a week left of school before Christmas.