The Winter Wonderland of Cookies

This Week’s Crumbl Review


Madison Forss, Staff Writer

Another week and another Crumbl review! This week’s box really got us in the holiday season with Buttermilk Pancake, Hot Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, and Red Velvet White Chip. 

It was hard to rank these flavors, being that they all hit the spot! But it’s settled that Buttermilk Pancake was the flavor of the week. With the sweet cookie base, maple syrup frosting, and scoop of white frosting on top, Crumbl really embodied America’s favorite breakfast food. The warm buttermilk cookie with the maple syrup glaze on top was delicious. Their addition of creamy buttercream frosting as the “butter” was the cherry on top for this cookie!

In second place we have their Hot Chocolate, a warm gooey chocolate cookie topped with a pool of melted chocolate and little marshmallows. This is every chocolate lover’s dream cookie and formed the infamous holiday hot chocolate drink into a yummy cookie. Although it was really sweet, the rich combination of cookie and frosting earned this cookie the second-place spot.

Snickerdoodle has earned the number three spot this week. The vanilla sugar cookie coated with a cinnamon-sugar crust made this a simple, yet delicious cookie. Everybody loves a good ol’ Snickerdoodle cookie and Crumbl succeeded with achieving that.

This week’s last place is the Red Velvet White Chip. This cookie was still tasty don’t get me wrong, it just didn’t have as much flavor as the other cookies. The simplicity was definitely appreciated but it wasn’t the most flavorful, which says a lot when Crumbl’s cookies are always jam-packed with flavors.

Be sure to check back in next week for yet another Crumbl review, and in the mean time, pick yourself up a box of these delicious cookies!