Colorado Gives Day

December 7, 2021

Colorado Gives Day

Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

Colorado Gives Day is a state-wide celebration of philanthropy in our beautiful state! This year, Colorado Gives Day is on December 7th.

Colorado Gives Day started in 2010, and has since become the biggest one-day online donation event in the state, collecting over $307 million in its 10 previous years, and hopes to add to that number greatly this year. The money donated goes to multiple non-profits, including Volunteers of America Colorado Branch, Fresh Food Connect, Children’s Garden of Learning, and more.

The donations are used for improvements for our entire state community, and are much needed and much appreciated by all.

Holy Family has their own fund through the movement, and is looking for donations to improve the school. This year, the donations will be aimed specifically at teacher’s salaries, financial aid, and facilities’ maintenance. Donations to the school will not go unnoticed, as they will ultimately improve an already great experience for the students and staff here at the school. Plus, as a bonus, the first 100 people to donate $125 or more will get a pair of HF socks!

Eric Nakayama, the Director of Advancements here at Holy Family, is hoping that the school can get $31,000 in donations this year. “I would like to thank all our donors for all their support,” Nakayama comments. “Their support is vital for us to offer the education and Catholic experience at Holy Family.”

Colorado Gives Day is a way for our state to come together as one community. With all the chaos of every day life, knowing that there is an entire state going through troubles but still working together to overcome everything is extremely comforting. Even a small donation can go a long way in boosting Colorado spirit!

To donate to Holy Family for further improvements for the staff, students, and community, here’s the link!