The Preparation for Christmas Starts!!


Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

Before Thanksgiving happened people were starting to get ready for Christmas it almost seemed like some people forgot about Thanksgiving and with Thanksgiving coming to an end many people are starting to get ready for Christmas.

Around my neighborhood as well as other ones some houses already have Christmas lights up and some Christmas inflatables in their lawn. It wasn’t just recently I had seen lights on families houses but I also saw some at the beginning of the month and now that it’s toward the end of the month I see more and more houses with all of these Christmas decorations up. All of the decorations are really pretty and cool to look at because some of the decorations families put up are unique, creative, and not traditional. You also have some families that go all out on their decorations and that it takes them a while to do it and that’s why they start so early.

Some families I know not only put up Christmas lights on their house but they also put their Christmas tree up and decorated their house for Christmas. I feel like Christmas is really the only holiday you decorate for and that’s why so many people start decorating early which is a good idea because there is a lot of decorations you have to put up like the tree, lights, stockings, other Christmas decorations, etc…

It’s not only families that start decorating early but it’s also stores because they put up their Christmas decorations at the beginning of November and sometimes earlier. There are still some Fall and Thanksgiving decorations that are up in stores but a majority of them are Christmas decorations. Seeing all of the Christmas decorations really does put you in the Christmas spirit and maybe that’s why a lot of people tend to forget about Thanksgiving and just skip to Christmas but now that Thanksgiving is over I’m excited to start decorating for Christmas.