Crumbl-ing My Taste Buds

This week’s lineup of cookies are stacked with delicious.


Morgan Salter, Staff Writer/Editor

All of the cookies this week are so delicious so when ranking them was hard but here it is this week’s Crumbl Review!

In last place, we have Dark Dream. This cookie overall was very good, however, way too much chocolate in my taste. So I give it about a 7/10.

In third place, S’mores. A twist on your classic s’more put into cookie form. overall it was a good cookie however the cookie itself with the graham cracker was lacking in flavor. Yet the marshmallow and chocolate are very good. Rate: 8/10.

Second place is Carrot Cake. The rich cream cheese frosting really brings the whole cookie together. Paired with the spiced carrot cake cookie garnished with pecan crumble it makes for one great cookie. 9/10.

First place is Apple Pie. This great American classic in cookie form is fantastic. This will be Crumbl’s 3rd pie cookie and they are going to release another one is next week and I can’t wait to see what it is. The apples were baked perfectly and the cookie crust was fantastic. 9.5/10

Overall all the cookies this week are fantastic and picking a cookie to put in last place was hard I encourage anyone and everyone to try them for themselves they are delicious!