Vinyl is More than Music


Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

Artists Kaley Anderson and Evie Boyd brought some spark to the light on 144th and Sheridan, coming together with other artists across Broomfield to spice up the power boxes for the light signals. They both worked on their own pieces, with Evie’s hot air balloons and cartoon characters on the north and south sides and Kaley’s mountains with the Broomfield logo and a hot air balloon on the east and west sides.

The city of Broomfield reached out to high school art programs to see if anyone was interested in their goal of making the power boxes nice to look at instead of the usually plain green. Ms. Verretta, an art teacher here at Holy Family, saw the notice and asked Honors Art if anyone would like to participate with the box right next to our school. With the help of Broomfield’s Cultural Art Division and Mr. Gabriel, the girls got their project approved and started working.

The project was started in the fall of 2020, but because of COVID, was only just finished this year. However, the finished work was definitely worth the wait! Using online software to convert their final drawings into a digital format, which took months after months of designing, Anderson and Boyd’s work was finally wrapped around the box in printed vinyl earlier this year.

Kaley Anderson’s design of the mountains, Broomfield logo, and hot air balloon was inspired by the view of the mountains in the morning at Holy Family. “The hot air balloons that are up in the sky when we come to school are really pretty, which is why I included the balloon with the Colorado flag design as it is the balloon that I see most often,” Anderson comments. “In the center of the piece is the Broomfield city logo. I included all of these elements because I see them as good symbols of Broomfield and the beauty of Colorado. I really aimed to create something that everyone can enjoy while driving by.”

Evie Boyd’s design of cartoon characters with hot air balloons is cool and adorable at the same time! Also inspired by the beauty of the hot air balloons seen on the way to school, Boyd enjoys drawing cartoons the most: “I always find joy in drawing little cartoons… for me personally I would still draw small cartoons and always have that with me throughout my life.”

Kaley has been painting since she was really little and only continues to expand on her work. She intends to study Art and Design, focusing on Graphic or Interior Design in her college career. Evie has been painting and designing art since she was super young as well, and sees art as a realistic and enjoyable career.

Both artists are incredibly talented and we cannot wait to see what else they design in the future!