A Christmas Miracle (Montgomery Style)


Dominic Neely, Staff Writer

There are many topics that can lead to and cause a great argument. The best Halloween candy, Pepsi or Coke, whether or not Ryan Reynolds should have won  sexiest man alive over Paul Rudd, (he definitely should have.) However, one of the biggest  arguments is when is it too early to start putting up Christmas decorations? Before or after Thanksgiving? Holy Family decided to answer that with the former, sporting new lights thanks to Mr. Matt Montgomery.

It all started one day in Forensics class when I walked up to Mr. Montgomery doing some shopping on Amazon. He had a bunch of Christmas lights in his shopping cart, and when asked about he said it’s “a surprise” He then told me a few minutes later he was decorating the school for Christmas. Mr. Montgomery has been the longtime security supervisor for the school, while also teaching Chemistry and Forensics. Now, for the first year Mr. Montgomery is in apart of on-campus affairs. He wanted to bring a festive look to the school and some Christmas cheer.

It was a weekly process, with each night, new lights being found. It started with the tree’s lining Patty Gabriel Way, going past the softball field with purple and gold lights. He also has put lights around the group of tree’s near the entrance of Patty Gabriel Way, which lead up to the school and light up the entrance. Mr. Montgomery has also put lights on the large tree in the front lawn, giving it that nice “Christmas tree” look. Mr. Montgomery has stated that he plans on adding a few more lights to the property. When asked why he decided to put the lights up, Mr. Montgomery stated he was put into a position where he could make some changes, and he felt that as a Catholic School it would be really nice to have some Christmas Spirit.

Students have also been commenting on the tree’s stating “It put me in a really great mood seeing the lights. It brings in the Christmas Spirit.”

“I don’t really know Mr. Montgomery, but I’d love to tell him how great of a job he did,” said a random student overheard in the hall.

Some students even said they would be willing to start a fundraiser to help buy some lights, possibly to put on the school.

No matter what else happens with the lights, we greatly appreciate what Mr. Montgomery has done and anyone else who has helping him put up the lights or has helped with the whole process. The students of Holy Family thank you.