Fine Arts Student of the Week: Brennan Musgrove

Isabella Marquez, Staff Writer

How did you get into acting? Musgrove says that his fourth grade music teacher encouraged him to do a musical with his school. Afterwards, Musgrove joined Colorado Acts and has been acting ever since.

What is your favorite production you have been in? Frankenstein has been Musgrove’s favorite production to be a part of so far because he: “had to put so much more work than I have in the past into it, and I think it turned out pretty good.”

Who is your inspiration for acting? Musgrove’s dad has inspired him since he was also an actor. Musgrove even asks his dad for notes after productions.

If you could see any play or musical right now what would it be? Musgrove says he would “probably go see the National Theater version of Frankenstein. Just because I drew so much inspiration off of it.”