Fine Arts – Johnny Morris


Megan Pierret, Staff Writer

Who is there pumping up the crowd at football games, basketball games, and assemblies? That would be the band!

This month, senior Johnny Morris is our all-star because he has made an impact on the program from the day he joined during his sophomore year. 

The band was pretty small when he first decided to join which was part of his reasoning. He says, “I got into band because Micah (Munoz) was in it, and he was encouraging me to join.”

Part of the program’s goal is to bring students together, which is exactly what they have done. 

Many believe that band is not a team type of activity, but contrary to popular belief, this has taught many of the participants how to work together. Our music teacher, Mrs. Laura Wiarda says, “It’s more of a team-building exercise, and because every little part that each person has comes together to make one pretty song.” 

Mrs. Wiarda has been an inspiration to many of our school’s students.

“She works really hard to make our band sound the best it possibly can, and ever since she has come to Holy Family, the band has been on an upward trend,” said Morris.

She has had a continually positive impact on our program which has allowed students to be social, be part of big events throughout the school, and improve some of the imperative skills that they will continue to use throughout their lives.

Just like Mrs. Wiarda has impacted the program, so has Johnny.

“As a senior, he is our best trombonist. He is our drum major, so he gets to conduct songs every once in a while. We are working on getting him to conduct one coming up,” Wiarda said.

It is of popular opinion that he is the glue that holds the band together, and without him, the band wouldn’t be quite the same.