Christopher O’Neill: Soccer Stud


Madison Forss, Staff Writer

Notable stats:

The biggest goal he scored in the season was against George Washington, their first playoff game.

How’d you get into your sport?

“I started playing when I was five because my father, Chris O’Neill, played and loved soccer and really wanted me to play. I didn’t like it at first but then it eventually grew on me”

What have you learned about yourself while playing soccer?

“I made a ton of friendships starting freshman year, that I wouldn’t have had. I remember friends at soccer camp, the older guys brought me in. I learned how important sports are to high school and I also definitely learned my breaking point with the conditioning and mental stress of games. Overall pushing myself and making friends.”

What are your goals moving forward?

“I don’t intend on playing anymore but a goal would be to inspire the next generation of players”

Future plans in the sport:

“I may help coach my little sister’s soccer team. For now, I’m gonna be focusing on climbing, guitar, school, and potentially lacrosse.”