Is Christmas Time Here Yet?

Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

I love Christmas, I really do. Celebrating with my family, getting gifts, going to mass, all of it packaged together makes a great holiday. That being said, there is such a thing as too early for decorations, music etc… Thanksgiving is a holiday too!

It’s November! Not only that, but the beginning of November! Now is the time for leaves and turkeys to take the place of the jack-o-lanterns, not the Christmas tree. If our houses are already decorated for Christmas this soon, how will we properly celebrate Thanksgiving, the holiday of food? Thanksgiving is just as important as Christmas – no, it is not Jesus’ birthday, but it is still a time to come together as a family and enjoy everyone that you love!

Christmas music is great! I am personally a big fan of singing Mariah Carey excessively as I drive around in snowy December. However, there is only so many Christmas songs out there… you can’t get burned out before the real Christmas season actually starts! I want to enjoy every minute of the Christmas music I listen to, so you have to start listening after Thanksgiving. However, Mr. Everett strongly disagrees with this stance, as Christmas music plays every day and a Christmas tree is already on display in his classroom. He defends his Christmas-in-November stance by saying, “There’s no reason the joy of the Christmas season cannot be spread past the month of December.” While this is true, it overlooks the amazing holiday of Thanksgiving.

There’s food, football, more food, family time, MORE food… did I mention you can eat a lot on Thanksgiving? Being thankful for all the gifts God gives you in your life is really important, and many people are just so eager to get to Christmas they forget that Thanksgiving is a reverent holiday as well. God gives us a lot, and we should thank Him every day. Thanksgiving is just a special reminder to give this thanks and a way to be with your family!

The day after Thanksgiving should be the day that Christmas begins! Let’s get as much Christmas as we can get, within the barriers of the real Christmas season. Christmas joy is in no spare supply, and should be shared with everyone and everywhere! Just don’t get carried away and forget that November is for Thanksgiving.