Tiktok Trends That Have Shaped 2021!


Taeshawn Means, Staff Writer

There are thousands of trends that hit Tiktok every year. Even every month! Tiktok trends vary from dancing videos, transition videos, etc. Some trends that have hit hard this year are “the snail”, the “our table, it’s broken” trend, and so many others that have changed Tiktok.

The “snail trend” relates back to 2014 from a Rooster Teeth Podcast when in a “fake scenario” a person was to receive 10 million dollars and a snail was to “follow them”. This isn’t a normal snail, because if this snail touches them, they die. Weird, right?


Another trend that has been very popular on Tiktok is “oh no, our table! It’s broken!” The original sound originates from a video featured on American’s Funniest Home Videos. A young child is seen stacking bricks onto a glass coffee table in his living room. The table then shatters. Looking at the glass beneath him, he says, “On no, our table, its broken!”

One last trend that has taken 2021 Tiktok by storm is the “good soup” trend. This trend uses a sound from a HBO series staring Adam Driver and Lena Dunham by the name of Girls. In an episode from season 6, Driver makes an “okay” gesture with his hands, before looking at his bowl and soulfully saying “good soup.” This trend is to not only show their cozy treat or sometimes their childhood versions of “soup”, but also using “Good Soup” to mean something¬†generally positive or enjoyable.

These Tiktok trends have definitely taken over Tiktok in 2021. These trends has shown that Tiktok users can transform certain sounds into their own personal life.