The Gavel is Back in Hand


Maggie Dooley , Staff Writer

With Holy Family’s mock trial case dropping on October 31st, everyone is so excited for the talent and potential this team has. Being lead by Father Joe, Mrs. Alderman, and Mr. Everett, they have tons of experience to help lead them to success. Seniors Sessina Abraha, Makenzie Dana, and Emily Bell will assume captain positions.

This year, around forty people have demonstrated interest in joining mock trial, this is up about 100% from last years twenty person team.

Although they don’t have their case yet, everyone is looking forward to something different. Emily Bell, an aspiring lawyer said, “My favorite part is destroying people’s self-esteem and making them cry.” She uses mock trial as a way to practice and learn about her future career, and she has been very successful in this.

Senior Makenzie Dana has similar career interests as Bell and enjoys the club. “I love the people and it’s a fun way to meet others who you might not necessarily interact with otherwise. Also I really like giving opening speeches and intimidating the opponents.” Mock trial helps both of them build confidence for their future careers as lawyers.

They are also excited for this year, and positive all the new joiners are going to be a huge addition to the team. “I am most excited to meet all of the new people joining mock trial this year and I think that we’re going to have a really good year this year because we have two new coaches and I feel like we have a strong group of senior leaders!” comments Sessina Abraha.

If you’re interested in joining mock trial, talk to either of the three senior leaders, Father Joe, or Mr. Everett.