College Visits


Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

College is something many people stress about – especially Juniors.  Junior year is so important due to the ACT and SAT’s, and the added stress of maintaining an excellent GPA. Seniors will also experience stress because it’s their last year of high school before they go off college. This means that it is essential to put their best foot forwards by perfecting their college applications.

Not many schools have the opportunity to have college visit their schools and give them a preview of what their school is and what college is for that matter. At Holy Family we have had popular schools visit like University of Colorado, Boston College, University of Oregon, etc..

I’ve tried to go to all of these college visits because I wanted to see what they were about and see if they are helpful. The ones that I went to I saw that they are both helpful and stressful because they tell you what their college is about and what college is about in general. When they start talking about what their college holds it’s helpful because they talk about what majors they have and the fun activities they provide at the school. However, talk of the expenses for the dorms and classes themselves can bring up some unwanted stress.

I also like how the presenters take their time at the visits and get their message across to the students who go. With each college visit they have different events that they hold at their college and it’s so interesting to see how different every college is and it’s also cool to see the likes and dislikes you have to a certain college. With all the colleges visits I’ve been to there has been different events like corgi parades, themes of football games, tailgates, etc… All of the presenters are also so welcoming and nice when they talk to us. I feel like that’s a major thing because it makes the visits enjoyable to be at.

Even though some students go to college meetings just to get out of class, but there is some students that actually go to the college visits to see what they are about and to see if it’s helpful. I asked a couple students what they think of the visits and a majority of them agree that they are helpful and stressful at the same time because of what they tell us about their college. Their reasons to why it’s stressful relates to my reason but some students stress about the GPA average the hold and if they could meet the expectations some of the college hold. On the other side some students find it refreshing that some colleges don’t count for the SAT score which takes off a lot of stress from students because some students do better on that than others and it could be something that students don’t want colleges to look out.

Overall, I’m happy that Holy Family got the opportunities to have colleges come visit our school and talk to us about the different expectation different colleges have as well as the different events colleges provide.